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How to write a Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter for a Sales position should not be as daunting as it seems. The key to writing a successful letter is to demonstrate key salesperson attributes such as determination, confidence, assertiveness and focus. Furthermore, the inclusion of any experience, qualifications, achievements or training related to sales can dramatically improve its effectiveness.

Please remember: do NOT rewrite your CV, complement it!

Cover Letter Example:

Avis Rasheed
67 Boreham Terrace
Stafford Post

078 5147 8217


Red Booth
4 Lamphey Street
BD23 9RY

Dear Ms. Kate Harris,

Re: Sales Assistant (Job ID: PPI2024)

I became really excited when I came across your Sales Assistant job advertisement on Red Booth’s website since I appear to be the perfect candidate for this position.

A career in sales has always been my dream since that is where my key strengths and interests lie. I am an outgoing, confident and self-driven person who understands the vital importance of relationship building and customer service when working in the sales industry. I have previous sales experience as a Retail Sales Assistant in a multinational organisation where I was responsible for marketing, negotiating and selling a wide range of branded clothes. My excellent communication and organisational skills have resulted in a strong track record which proves that I can resolve and meet any sales targets, regardless of how challenging or difficult they may appear.

Red Booth is a market leader in the sales industry and I would very much want to contribute to the further success of your organisation. Not only will I prove to be an invaluable asset to the rest of the sales team, but I will also demonstrate that I can exceed far beyond expectations in whatever task is assigned to me, in order to effectively contribute to the organisation’s overall success and profitability.

Please find attached my CV for your consideration. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you shortly!

Yours sincerely,


Avis Rasheed.

Tips for writing a Sales Cover Letter WITHOUT work experience:

Since the Sales Assistant role is a low-grade position, this might be your first job and you may not have any experience at all in this field! Fear not, this is completely understandable and employers are quite sympathetic to that. However, in order to compensate for this, you must demonstrate your competence in some other ways:

  • Demonstrate that you are an energetic, outgoing and confident person
  • Demonstrate that you care about customer service. In fact, make it a priority!
  • Indicate that you are determined to meet sales targets; quitting is not one of your attributes.
  • Demonstrate that you can work in a team
  • Indicate that you have excellent communication and organisational skills (if it’s true!)
  • Demonstrate that you can work well on your own, as well as in a team

Note: it is not necessary to mention all of these things on your Cover Letter since you have probably addressed a number of these previously on your CV.