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How to write a Nurse Cover Letter

Applying for a job as a Nurse means that you will need to write a Cover Letter that is appealing and tailored to nursing jobs in particular.

Healthcare jobs are quite different from many standard jobs in the sense that the specialised education, qualifications and experience required are essential for a successful nursing career. Therefore, put a lot of emphasis on these areas in your Cover Letter.

Furthermore, working as a Nurse means that you will be constantly working and interacting with others such as patients, the patient’s families, colleagues, etc. Therefore, it is vital to indicate that you are a friendly, approachable and outgoing individual that enjoys the company of others and can work well in a team.

Please remember: do NOT rewrite your CV, complement it!

Cover Letter Example:

Julia Stevenson
98 Fordham Rd

079 0319 6875


The London Hospital of Care
4 Sea Road
Langdale End
YO13 0NY

Dear Mr. Mohamed Khan,

Re: Nurse (ID: AA807)

I am writing in response to your vacancy for the Nurse job position which was advertised in the Daily Telegraph on the 17th of November 2012. After reading the candidate’s specification very carefully, I realised that I would be a perfect match for this position.

A career in nursing is something that I have always been excited about and I have pursued this dream by first achieving my BTECT National Diploma in Adult Nursing and then a first-class Honours degree in Nursing from the University of London. I am a caring, approachable, friendly and hardworking Registered Nurse with more than 3 years of experience in the patient care, emergency, surgical-support and Intensive-Care Unit (ICU) settings.

I believe that I could immensely contribute to the medical and health services provided by The London Hospital of Care. My extensive studies and experience in this field will enable me to effectively use my nursing skills to make a positive impact on the treatment of patients, their families and customers of The London Hospital of Care as whole.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I very much look forward to hear from you soon!

Yours sincerely,


Julia Stevenson.

More tips:

  • Your personality is extremely important to the job so make sure it shines through your Cover Letter! That includes manners, politeness, customer care, customer service, solving problems, etc.
  • Try to tailor your Cover Letter specifically to the job advert and focus on those areas in particular that are mentioned in the job vacancy
  • Demonstrate that, besides being outgoing and approachable, that you take your profession very seriously and that you set yourself a high standard of work and expectations.
  • Working under pressure is another key attribute of an experienced Nurse.
  • Being able to work with people from all backgrounds and walks-of-life is another must-have attribute of someone working in a healthcare environment or any other public service for that matter.