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CV Career Objective: how to write it like a pro!

By: Sobhan Mohmand, Editorial manager       Last updated: 28 Oct 2014

A Career Objective is a short statement about what you want to achieve in your career and what you aspire to.

The following shows a case in point of how a Career Objective should look like on your CV:

Preview of how to write a career objective on your CV

Top 6 guidelines for writing a career objective for your CV:

  1. Keep it short and sweet; two lines usually does the job
  2. No spelling or grammar mistakes (obviously)
  3. Do not use ‘I’ or ‘My’
  4. Make sure it targets a particular job (IT Admin) and a particular sector (IT)
  5. Short-term objectives are also okay to use
  6. Mention skills/strengths in reference to the position sought

Bad examples of career objectives on CVs:

  1. “I want to find a position to enhance my portfolio and develop my skills.”

Comment: the statement is very vague, it does not portray an individual who is excited about working in the company for a particular reason (besides to ‘develop’ his skills!)

  1. “I would really like a job in manufacturing to boost my previous knowledge of the manufacturing sector with a clear path to higher and more senior level positions inside the manufacturing industry.”

Comment: It’s too long-winded, has lost focus of a particular job (position), repeated the word ‘manufacturing’ three times without being specific.

Good examples of career objectives on CVs:

  1. “A dynamic, people-oriented professional specialised in various forms of communication seeking a career in Public Relations where previous experience and skills can be put to efficient use.”

Comment: it is written in a short, compelling and cohesive manner. It mentions the applicant’s strengths, character, the type of job applied for and the job sector.

  1. “A highly experienced IT Technician seeking a position as an IT Admin to develop further and enrich management skills obtained through Level 4 Management for IT Professionals (MITP) and further prepare for career advancement and professional growth .”

Comment: this career objective contains measurable proof of the candidate’s experience as an IT professional and his vision for the future in the IT sector.

Career objective: location on CV

Question: ‘Where should I place my career objective on my CV?’

Answer: The career objective should be located somewhere after the personal details on top of the CV and just before the Achievements or the Education section.