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How to easily boost your CV with voluntary work!

author Sobhan Mohmand, Career Expert         date 17 Dec 2020

How can you get work experience if almost all the jobs require work experience before you start the job? It almost seems to be a Catch-22 (A dilemma from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions).

However, there is one solution to this puzzle: voluntary work!

Voluntary jobs, just like any other type of jobs, are extremely valued by employers.

Volunteer to improve your CV!

There are millions of opportunities available to do voluntary work; who wouldn’t want employees that work for them for free?! Take advantage of this; approach shops and local businesses and work a few hours a week for them.

The benefits of voluntary work

  1. You gain invaluable work experience
  2. You enhance and develop your skills
  3. You get a good reference/recommendation letter from the employer
  4. Voluntary work is flexible (you decide what hours/how many hours you work)
  5. You improve your CV
  6. You might get your Gandhi-style spiritual awakening because you’ve done something good for someone for free…
  7. Oh yes, and you dramatically increase your chances of being employed!

For some of us, it is not easy to volunteer.

There is a funny story in which a man tells his friend…

‘Voluntary work… I wouldn’t do it, even if you paid me!’

But jokes aside, if you want to improve your CV (and get a good job) but you haven’t got the work experience: volunteering is probably the best option for you!

Written by Sobhan Mohmand
Sobhan is a qualified Careers Advisor and Professional CV Writer with over 10 years of experience in helping job seekers get a job. He is a Member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and is listed on the official UK Register of Career Development Professionals. He holds a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (QCF).