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CV Tip: Always update your CV

Key to securing an interview is keeping your CV up to date with the most relevant and important information.

Updating your CV and keeping your CV up to date is one of the essential factors which will determine whether you will get the jobs you’re applying for or not.

Why aren’t CVs updated more regularly?

Why is it that…

  • You change
  • Your circumstances change
  • Your attitude and behaviours change
  • Your expertise and experience change

Yet, your CV is still the same and is never updated…?

It is sad to see so many applicants underselling themselves by not keeping an eye on the state of their CV and whether it contains all the diplomas, certificates, job details and skills acquired which are all important to make you stand out positively.

The key solution to this problem is to make your CV dynamic.

A dynamic CV means: it changes according to your personal circumstances and on the job(s) you are applying for. Dynamic also means that whenever you achieve something; such as gain a certificate, you update your CV accordingly – do not wait for many months until you apply for a job and update your CV then… you will most likely forget it. Do it now while you still remember, and it’s fresh in your mind.