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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter (also known as a covering letter) is a short introduction letter accompanying your CV. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce you as a viable candidate for the job position on offer.

Cover letters do not have a specific format but the following shows a cover letter of a standard format:

Example of what a cover letter is

The aim of a cover letter is fourfold:

  • Inform the employer about which job position you are applying for
  • Outline some of your key strengths and abilities
  • Address the needs of the employer/company
  • Encourage the employer to read your CV and arrange an interview for you

The length of a Cover Letter

The length of a cover letter should never – NEVER – go over one side of A4!

Some job seekers make the fatal mistake of handing over a lengthy cover letter. These cover letters are (in almost all cases) never read; they do not give a good first impression and, as a consequence, the CV accompanying this cover letter will not be even looked at.

Always bear in mind the KISS principle: keep it short, stupid!

Is it really necessary to send a Cover Letter with my CV?

Absolutely… cover letters are a must-have in the job seeking process.

 A CV without a Cover Letter is like a valuable business suit without a tie!

For a moment… just imagine that YOU are an employer and that you have a number of job positions available for filling.

The next day, you receive dozens of CVs on your desk, but not a single cover letter.

Will these CVs look a bit ‘empty’ or ‘naked’ to you? You bet they will! That is where a cover letter comes in: it will inform the employer exactly who you are, what position you are applying for, how you found out about the job and what you can offer for the company.

CVs and Cover Letters go hand in hand, both are essential to securing an interview.