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Top 10 Employee Qualities that Employers are looking for!

Top 10 Employee Personal Qualities that employers want to see on a Curriculum Vitae

Based upon research, the following are the most important personal qualities and attributes that employers expect to see on applicants’ CVs:

  1. Communication skills: includes all levels of communication such as verbal/speaking, interacting with people, writing and expressing themselves clearly.
  2. Team player skills: this refers to working with others in a group, sharing information, helping each other when facing a problem, properly dividing tasks between team members, etc.
  3. Leadership skills: this skill is vital because it shows that you are a visionary, you can lead others (and yourself) and take responsibility whenever things go wrong. It means that you do not need someone to spoon-feed you or hold your hand on a daily basis in order for you to do your job!
  4. Attention to detail: this is a very important attribute; an employer looks whether you can pay attention to small details such as silly spelling mistakes, badly formulated sentences, not finishing a design until completion, etc.
  5. Enthusiasm and personal drive: no employer wants to employ a person who takes forever to do the most trivial of tasks and sighs deeply whenever asked to do something. They are more interested in people who are enthusiastic about what they do; completing tasks with excellence and always looking forward to the next one.
  6. Initiative: this means that you think outside of the box; you come up with things rather than sit and wait until things come to you. You are a starter. Not a follower.
  7. Management and organisational skills: in the majority of cases, projects and tasks fail because of mismanagement. Proper management of time, resources and focus can really do wonders in the workplace.
  8. Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines: although stress levels and pressure vary from one job to another (e.g. compare a surgeon with a cleaner), there will always come a time in every job in which you’ll have it extremely busy. Will you crack under pressure or stay calm and carry out your tasks efficiently? Employers look for the latter.
  9. Willing to learn: no one knows it all. Some people think they do, but they don’t. Employers are looking for people that are willing to learn and develop their skills and qualities further.
  10. Flexibility: Can you handle new situations? Can you adapt to whatever circumstances you are presented with? Can you complete a task in more than just one way? If you can, you are officially a flexible employee!

That’s it, people; we have reached the end of this Top 10!

Having all the above-listed skills and qualities (or most of them) can really make a big difference on your CV. Employers will be more inclined to invite applicants that demonstrate the above-mentioned personal qualities on their CVs compared to those that do not.

Remember: you are only as good as your CV tells people that you are!