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Examples of Best Skills to include on your CV!

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A very important section of your CV should be your skills section. The skills section of your CV should briefly state your abilities, key attributes and key achievements.

It is also sometimes referred to as the “Skills and Achievements” section.

What to include in this section of your CV?

Below are some of the examples of what could be listed as Skills on a CV:

  • IT Skills:


  – Excellent with Microsoft Office

  – Professional typing rate of 70 wpm (words per minute)

The majority of current city jobs require you to be competent at using a computer. IT skills on your CV will reassure the employers of that.

  • Languages


  1. Fluent in four languages: English, French, Danish and Russian.
  2. English/German interpreter for three years

The benefit of mentioning the number of languages you know is that it demonstrates to the potential employer that you are a learner and that you can easily deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Important note: if you are from an English-background and live in an English-speaking country, do not list down your language(s) as follows:

  1. Fluent in English.

This will make you look a little bit silly.

In this scenario, employers usually assume you can speak fluent English… right?

  • Driving licence


  – Full clean driving licence

Listing your driving licence can be important because it shows that you are skilful (after all, driving is a skill) and that you won’t have problems with work-related travels.

More examples…

The following are some important personal skills/qualities that you can mention in the Skills Section of your CV:

  • Communication – being able to listen/talk to people in a constructive manner
  • Interpersonal – The way you relate and interact with others
  • Numerical – being able to handle numbers, maths, estimations, etc.
  • Analytical – being able to give meaning to data, analyse information
  • Problem-solving – being able to offer solutions to problems
  • Teamwork – being able to work with other people to achieve a common goal
  • Leadership – being able to take responsibility, lead/mentor others, etc.
  • Organisation – being able to meet deadlines, plan and schedule tasks, etc.

IT Skills on a CV

IT Skills Example on a CV