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Use of short sentences and bullet points in your CV

Short sentences on CVs are easy to understand. They are powerful. They are clear.

Long sentences, on the other hand, tend to be much more difficult to understand and before you try to figure out what the purpose and aim of the writer is when addressing a multifaceted issue related to the sentence structuring of CVs which, usually, results in readers getting frustrated and not bothering to read the rest of the sentence.

Did you completely read and understand the above paragraph?

Don’t worry; 95% of people wouldn’t have read it till the end!

Whenever you’re writing a sentence on your CV, always remember:

Keep it short, Keep it simple

Why use short sentences on a CV

The reason we encourage short, yet powerful, sentences is because many employers will only spend approximately 30 seconds looking at your CV.

30 seconds, that’s all!

Is that enough to read all the information on your CV? I hope not.

Research has concluded time and time again that employers tend to scan or glance through your CV; not read all the information – especially not the long sentences.

The solution, you ask? Use short sentences that make scanning your CV much easier. Besides using short sentences in your CV, you should also make use of bullet points when presenting a list achievements, duties, and qualifications.

What is a bullet point?

  • This is a bullet point
  • So is this…
  • And… yeah, I think you’ve got the message by now

Bullet points make a document look much clearer, easier to read and much more presentable to the reader. It also makes scanning through the CV effortless.

Important note: Do not overdo the use of bullet points. That gives the impression that you can’t construct meaningful sentences and have resorted instead to listing down words!

There is an old proverb in copywriting; “say what you need to say in as few words as possible, and then, when you’re done, try to say it in half that many words.” Apply the same principle when writing your CV.