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Should you justify the text on your CV?

We have said many times before that whatever you declare or state on your CV should always be justified with relevant examples. However, there is another type of justification that is also related to writing CVs; text alignment justification.

What it is: justified text is text in which all the written lines of a paragraph – except the final line – are made the same length by adjusting the spacing between words in a paragraph.

Here we have a real-life example of how justified and unjustified text will look like on your CV:

The alignment (justification) of the sentences and paragraphs on a CV

“Shall I justify the paragraphs on my CV?”

To justify, or not to justify: that is the question.

We recommend that you create two types of CVs for yourself: one with justified text and the other with regular alignment. Give your CV out to your friends and family and ask their opinion; ‘Which CV looks more appealing?’, and ‘Which CV reads better?’ Based on your findings, decide which CV format you would want to keep.

However, bear in mind that some recruiters – who are quite small in number – have objected to justifying text on the basis of the following arguments:

  • Generally, text that has been justified is more difficult to read
  • Some CVs will look more ‘robotic’ than ‘personal’
  • It gives the impression that you’ve printed this CV on an industrial scale!
  • Justified text may not always work when emailing the CVs because this will depend on the users’ browser and software compatibilities.

You should also remember that paragraphs differ one from another; it may be entirely possible to have justified text which looks good and is easier to read compared to the standard format. So all these factors depend entirely on your CV and your personal answer to the question; ‘to justify, or not to justify?’