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Reasons you shouldn’t include your gender on your CV!

Including your gender on a CV is one of those things that are outdated from practice. New laws have been introduced to kerb discrimination in the workplace, and it has now become illegal for an employer to ask you for your gender on your CV.

Moreover, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Consider the following example:

Preview of not writing gender on a CV

What is the purpose of Camilla mentioning her gender as ‘female’ on her CV? Isn’t it plainly obvious from her name that she is a woman…? All it does is make her look a little bit silly and take up more precious space from her CV which she desperately needs.

‘My gender cannot be derived from my name; should I include my gender on my CV?’

Whenever the recruiters look through the CVs of applicants they are inevitably going to form mental images of the candidates.

It could be useful to clarify your gender if you have a unisex name such as ‘Sam’ or ‘Alex’, because it might take the recruiter a bit off their feet when a woman walks in when they were actually expecting a man!