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Campaigner Cover Letter Example

author Sobhan Mohmand, Career Expert         date 20 Dec 2020

67 Edgbaston Road
GK12 5BF

07529 917 301
[email protected]

7 July 2017

Mr Jack Anderson
Environmental Foundation
4 Cranford Way

Dear Mr Anderson,

Re: Campaigner (Ref: CMJ2)

I was thrilled to see an opening for the position of Campaigner on your organisation’s website. This is a role I have a keen interest in, and I feel that with my skills and experience I would be a perfect candidate for this position.

I have recently graduated with a 2:1 degree in Marketing from the University of Birmingham. I have also volunteered at Environmental Foundation charity shops to gain experience in this area for the last few months. This has been a fantastic experience and further cemented my aspirations to work on behalf of an organisation that aims to protect the environment.

I am truly passionate about environmental concerns, and I have been involved with campaigning for various causes during my undergraduate studies, including recycling and CO2 emissions reduction. As a result, I have developed excellent communication and persuasion skills which will be a significant advantage in this role.

I am very interested in joining your organisation because of the modern approach, and the robust focus Environmental Foundation has on protecting the environment. My previous work experience combined with my passion for campaigning will enable me to make a tangible difference in your company’s operations.

I have enclosed my CV along with this covering letter, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about my application. I am also available to attend an interview in order to discuss this role and my application in more detail.

Yours sincerely,

~ Signature goes here ~

Bella Duncan.

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Written by Sobhan Mohmand
Sobhan is a qualified Careers Advisor and Professional CV Writer with over 10 years of experience in helping job seekers get a job. He is a Member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and is listed on the official UK Register of Career Development Professionals. He holds a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (QCF).


    £18.000 – £38.000
    Degree or Relevant Work Experience
    38+ hours per week


  • Communication Skills
    Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, professionals and the general public
  • Caring
    Ability to care for and empathise with a variety of social and environmental issues
  • Creativity
    Ability to “think outside the box” and come up with novel ideas
  • Multitasking
    The flexibility to simultaneously handle different jobs, tasks and projects when required
  • Motivation
    Having a “can-do” attitude when presented with a challenging task or project
  • Persuasion
    Using appropriate techniques to move others to action or to gain agreements

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