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Address on a CV

Example showing a CV where some applicants place the photograph

It is common practice for candidates to include their address on their CVs. Your home address can be a positive trust indicator that you are local, established and settled in a particular location rather than being always on the go or not having a permanent address.

Examples of writing your address on your CV

Depending on the layout/structure of your CV, there are a number of different ways in which you write down your address on your CV. The following are the three most popular approaches that candidates take when writing their addresses:

Approach #1:

  • 927 St Patricks Road
  • Glasgow
  • ES 23A
  • United Kingdom

Approach #2:

  • 927 St Patricks Road, Glasgow, ES 23A

Approach #3:

  • 927 St Patricks Road, ES 23A, UK

Important note: do not write ‘Address:‘ in front of your address; prospective employers are intelligent people, and they know when they see an address (well, most of them do anyway).

Identity Fraud: Not including your address on your CV

In recent years there has been a significant rise in identify fraud crimes. This has made people wary about disclosing any of their personal and sensitive details and this includes mentioning their address on their CVs.

Is it okay to exclude your address from your CV?

Is it acceptable to leave the address line blank on your CV?

Before thinking about taking your address completely out of your CV there are a number of ways in which you can write down your address (without exactly pinpointing your location) that you may want to try:

  1. Address: Glasgow, ES 23A, United Kingdom
  2. Address: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Once you’ve decided that any of the above-mentioned methods still didn’t reassure you; you may leave the address out of your CV altogether.

Some prospective employers are quite forgiving for this provided you have included your telephone number and your email address.

However, please bear in mind that not all employers will automatically understand why you haven’t included your address on your CV and this may have a negative impact on your CV.


Having an address on a CV can be an excellent trust factor. Based on our estimates 98% of people will include their address on their CVs; for the remaining 2%, there are some alternatives such as condensing the address slightly or – as a last resort – omit it altogether.