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Including Marital Status on a CV

Example of not including marital status on a CV

There used to be a time where it was common for people to include their Marital Status on their CVs but things have changed since then.

Nowadays, having your Marital Status on your CV is one of those things that need to be avoided. The reason is that it opens many doors for discrimination and prejudice; it is also something that isn’t really relevant to most of the jobs.

Consider this: how will your CV look like if your marital status is….

  • WIDOW!

OK, fair enough, I might have over-dramatized it a little bit with the capital letters and the exclamation mark, but you have to agree with that it does contain some elements of truth. Being divorced, widow, and separated can be conceived by many potential employers as something extremely negative.

I am happily married; can I include my marital status on my CV?

This question is answered by asking another question: ‘Can you guarantee that all the recruiters will consider your marital status as something positive or helpful?’

The answer is; you cannot guarantee this, and neither can I! That leaves you with only one option: omit your marital status from your CV, even if you’re happily married.

Are there any circumstances under which I should consider mentioning my marital status?

Yes, there are! Sometimes, on rare occasions, it can be a small plus point to mention your Marital Status as ‘single.’ For example, when applying for a job which involves a lot of travel or has uncomfortable working hours and inconsistent shifts.