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Fitness Instructor CV Example + 2024 Guide

author Sobhan Mohmand, Career Expert         date 3 Oct 2023

This guide has been created to give you all the necessary information, examples and tips to help you write your perfect fitness instructor CV that will introduce you as an expert in the field of fitness and well-being and secure more job interviews.

Table of contents

CV example

Michael Clarkson

167 Summerfield Road
Mob: 079 7344 7892       Email: [email protected]

Personal profile

I am an experienced, self-motivated and focused Fitness Instructor with a passion for all things health and wellness. My key areas of expertise include weight loss, workout routines, strength building and martial arts. I firmly believe that any person, regardless of their current personal circumstances, can dramatically improve their health with the right support and guidance. It is my conviction that I am the suitable candidate to provide the necessary support to make a real difference in other people’s lives.

  • Over two years of relevant work experience
  • 2.1 degree in Fitness and Personal Training from Southampton Solent University
  • Full, clean driving license with own method of transport

2012 – 2015BSc Fitness and Personal TrainingSSUGrade achieved: [2.1]

Relevant Modules:

  • Health, Fitness and Programme Design
  • Sports Events Organisation
  • Delivering Innovative Health and Physical Activity Programmes
  • Customer Service, Marketing and Sales
  • Sports Nutrition and Performance
  • Essentials of Sports Training and Conditioning
  • Psychology of Diet and Exercise

2010 – 2012
Results: PE: A Biology: C Sociology: B
A LevelsHalesowen College
2002 – 2009
Results: 9 GCSEs at Grades A-C including Maths (B) and English (B)
GCSEsReading Secondary School

Employment and work experience
Mar 2016 – Present Fitness Instructor       Easy Gym

Main duties performed:

  • Welcome visitors and sign up new members
  • Carrying out inductions for new members
  • Handling payments and dealing with cancellations and refunds
  • Helping to create specific fitness programmes for gym members based on their individual requirements
  • Regularly updating existing schedules for members
  • Promoting memberships to visitors and non-members
  • Planning and leading fitness classes, including yoga and indoor cycling classes
  • Helping to ensure the smooth running of the gym
  • Ensuring that the Health and Safety standards are always met and adhered to
  • Selling products such as personal training or supplements
  • Participating in one-to-one consultation and training sessions with clients
  • Demonstrating the correct way of using free weights and exercise machines
  • Advising members and customers on lifestyle changes and nutrition
  • Ensuring that the gym is kept in a clean and tidy state at all times
  • Being observant and ensuring everyone is exercising correctly and safely
  • Checking the safety of equipment
  • Reporting any issues, problems or conflicts to higher management
  • Training new staff members
  • Providing excellent customer service at all times

Jul 2015 – Feb 2016Personal Trainer         Freedom Leisure

Main duties performed:

  • Assisting clients with defining their current health status and setting goals
  • Giving advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Helping clients with their workouts
  • Keeping track of client’s progress and achievements

  • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate – HFE
  • Level 3 NVQ Employability Skills

Skills and competencies
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with a broad range of people including men, women, children and the elderly
  • Knowledge of the physiology and psychology of sport and exercise science
  • Inspiring and motivating others to achieve their goals


In my spare time, I enjoy playing football with friends and colleagues. Additionally, I keep myself up-to-date with the latest developments in the health industry, and I regularly write and post new articles on my personal nutrition blog.


Mrs Emma Bond
Owner, Easy Gym
Address: 4 Higgins Rd, Aston, AS8 1QT
Tel:0873 6572 7889
Email: [email protected]
Mr Harry Turner
Fitness Manager, Freedom Leisure
Address: 12 Eggs St, Manchester, MI8 3FS
Tel: 0980 5632 4663
Email: [email protected]

Please note: the above CV Example is presented in the UK format and layout.


Fitness instructor CV

Fitness instructor CV template 2

What makes this CV effective?

  • Effective Layout: The CV employs an effective layout, ensuring that information is presented in a logical and user-friendly manner.
  • Contact Information: Contact details are prominently displayed at the top of the CV, making it easy for employers to reach out.
  • Consistency: There is a consistent format and style used throughout the CV, creating a polished and cohesive document.
  • Relevant Hobbies and Interests: The candidate includes hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job, showcasing a well-rounded personality.

Download CV template

CV template

How to structure and format your CV

  • Keep things short: It is essential that you make your CV short and sweet; the maximum length of your CV should be 2 A4 pages. Studies have shown that recruiters tend to look at CVs for no more than 30 seconds, so any CV that is long-winded or tedious will be rejected.
  • Use bullet points and short sentences instead of long paragraphs.
  • Use a proper heading: Don’t write “CV” or “Curriculum Vitae” at the top of your CV, instead make your name its heading. Scroll down to see an example of this.
  • Use sections: Divide your CV into various sections with labels (e.g. personal profile, education, employment, etc.) and clearly define the beginning and end of each section. You can achieve this by increasing the font of the headings and using appropriate spacing gaps between sections.
  • Follow a standard CV structure: All CVs differ from each other slightly in the ordering of the sections but they should all follow a structure that recruiters are familiar with. A typical structure of a CV would first include the personal details section followed by a personal profile, achievements, education, employment, skills, hobbies and references. Depending on your level of work experience, you could place your employment section before the education section if that is your stronger selling point.

How to write a Fitness Instructor CV (step-by-step guide)

Personal details

At the top of your CV, start by writing your personal details such as your full name, address, phone number and email address.

  • Kevin Clarke
  • 24 Milestone Road, Cambridge, CU2 83F
  • Mob: 07639983729       Email: [email protected]

Personal profile

Next, write a compelling personal profile statement tailored to the job of a fitness instructor. Your personal profile tells the employer more about your skills, personal qualities, relevant work experience and career ambitions.

Guidelines for writing a personal profile:

  • Keep it short and to the point (maximum 3-4 sentences long)
  • Focus on real-world examples rather than vague general statements
  • Mention facts and figures, for example; I developed and delivered x number of fitness programs, I helped x number of clients with achieving their goals, I have x number of years experience of working in the fitness industry, etc.
    • Personal profile example:

      I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor with over 3 years of experience in the industry specialising in the areas of boxing fitness, strength and conditioning, circuit training, bodyweight exercise, endurance training and nutritional plan development. I am professional and highly motivated with a strong desire to learn and develop in the areas of fitness, nutrition, general health and wellness. I am committed to providing a holistic approach to fitness and reaching clients’ goals.


      In the achievements section, you should list some key accomplishments that will make you stand out from the crowd.

      Your achievements could be many things including awards, promotions, excellent qualifications, relevant work experience or being elected for leadership roles.

      • 3 years experience in the health and fitness industry
      • Level 3 qualified personal trainer
      • Elected team leader at the Cheshire County Sports Club

      Employment and work experience

      This is the most important section of your fitness instructor CV.

      It contains details about your employment or work experience in full-time or part-time jobs, internships, placements and voluntary positions.

      Each entry should be accompanied by the following information:

      • The name of the company you have worked in
      • The start and end dates (from-to)
      • Your job title
      • Your primary duties and responsibilities
      Jan 2021 – PresentGym Instructor and Personal Trainer         Pure Gym, Wakefield

      Main duties and responsibilities performed:

      • Organised and delivered exercise classes, workshops and training sessions
      • Developed personal exercise and diet plans, including nutritional guidance
      • Assisted clients to reach personal goals
      • Demonstrated exercise machines and equipment
      • Marketed and promoted group fitness classes

      Fitness instructor duties to add to your CV

      • Carry out initial fitness assessments on clients.
      • Devise a bespoke fitness/exercise plan based on the client’s individual needs.
      • Inspire members to train, exercise and achieve their fitness goals and objectives.
      • Conduct effective exercise classes.
      • Demonstrate the correct usage of gym equipment to members.
      • Maintain a clean, safe and secure gym environment for all members and staff.
      • Assist clients with their gym memberships and class enrolments.

      Education and training

      The education section of your CV, as its name suggests, contains details about your education to date. Things to include in this section: undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, college-level courses and any vocational or professional training that you have completed such as your level 2 or 3 qualifications in Personal Training.

      2016 – 2018Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training Level 3Innovate Awarding, Manchester

      Relevant Modules:

      • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise
      • Nutrition for Physical Activity
      • Planning and delivering Gym Programmes

      2015 – 2016YMCA Level 2 Diploma in Promoting Health and WellnessWest Birmingham College

      Relevant Modules:

      • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
      • Anatomy and physiology for exercise
      • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment

      2012 – 2014
      Results: 8 GCSEs at Grades A*-C, including Maths and English.
      GCSEs Dawlish Community College


      The qualifications section contains details of any additional professional training qualifications that you possess. Don’t include this section if you don’t have any additional qualifications, or if you’ve already mentioned your professional qualifications under the education section (above).

      • BTEC Level 1 Teamwork and Personal Skills – Pearson


      Employers expect fitness/gym instructors to have a lot of fitness know-how and expertise. You can demonstrate this by mentioning the key skills and abilities that will make you excel in this position. Some relevant skills you could list in this section include your communications, interpersonal, leadership and management skills that are essential requirements for the job.

      • Able to communicate effectively at all levels
      • Natural ability to motivate and encourage clients to meet their fitness goals
      • Strong leadership and coaching skills, demonstrated in my role as a Gym Instructor at Coldfield Gyms
      • Excellent knowledge of specialist fitness training plans and exercises

      Useful skills to add to your fitness instructor CV

      • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
      • Excellent time management and organisational skills
      • Ability to work with people from all age groups and diverse backgrounds
      • Excellent knowledge of gym equipment and exercise programs
      • Ability to design and develop fitness programs
      • IT Skills: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint
      • Writing reports and tracking clients’ progress
      • Ability to maintain calm and patience under pressure environment and situation

      Hobbies and interests

      Do you have hobbies that would help you in your job as a gym/fitness instructor?

      If your answer is ‘Yes’ to this question, then the hobbies and interests section provides an excellent opportunity to make mention of these extracurricular activities and make your CV more effective.

      Relevant hobbies you could list here include:

      • Participating in sports such as football or running
      • Going to the gym or exercising regularly
      • Learning about fitness and well-being from books or online

      In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, jogging in the park and going out with my friends and family. I also spend a few hours a week reading books about fitness and well-being.


      This is the last section of your CV and it should contain details of two referees who know you well and who can vouch for you to the prospective employer.

      Your referees could be your current or former employer, manager, teacher or anyone who knows you well and has worked with you before.

      Mr Gregory Sanders
      Gym Manager, Exercise 360
      Address: 8 Milk Rd, Devon, PD8 1DZ
      Tel: 0773 4568 5899
      Email: [email protected]
      Mrs Helena Smith
      Team Leader, Fitness4U
      Address: 1 Gold Ln, Surrey, SP1 3FA
      Tel: 0799 7684 8955
      Email: [email protected]

      You can also write “References are available upon request.” if you do not have space left on your CV or if you do not wish to disclose these details this early in the recruitment process.

      Tips to make your CV more effective

      • Include hobbies and interests: Your primary responsibility as a fitness/gym instructor will be to assist customers with performing physical activities to maintain or improve their health and fitness. It is recommended that you include your hobbies related to fitness, gym, sports and other physical activities on your CV. By doing so, you demonstrate to the employer that you are a healthy, outgoing and active individual who has what it takes to be successful at this job.
      • Write a concise personal profile: The personal profile statement at the top of your CV is a personal summary of you as a person. Make it short (no more than 5 lines) and punchy. Studies have shown that recruiters, after scanning the different sections of an applicant’s CV, will go back to the top and read the personal profile in more detail so it’s worth spending a little bit more time on perfecting it!
      • Focus on skills: Skills-oriented CVs are highly valued by employers because they give real-life examples of an applicant’s ability to do the job well. Your CV should include many examples of your skills/abilities as they relate to the job. For example, do you have the ability to motivate people? If so, mention it! Can you develop and deliver fitness programs for individuals and groups? Mention that, too!

Written by Sobhan Mohmand
Sobhan is a qualified Careers Advisor and Professional CV Writer with over 10 years of experience in helping job seekers get a job. He is a Member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and is listed on the official UK Register of Career Development Professionals. He holds a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (QCF).


    £14.000 – £25.000
    Relevant Work Experience
    37+ hours per week


  • Fitness
    The condition of being physically fit and healthy
  • Communication Skills
    Ability to communicate effectively with clients
  • Workouts
    Expert understanding of different workouts and being able to demonstrate them to clients
  • Observation Skills
    Paying attention to the safety of gym members when they are exercising
  • Planning
    Planning ahead, anticipating and preparing for upcoming events
  • Public Speaking
    Ability to speak in front of a large audience in a clear and audible fashion

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