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Gym Manager CV Example + Template (2024 Guide)

author Sobhan Mohmand, Career Expert         date 2 Oct 2023

As a gym manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of a gym or fitness/leisure centre. Your duties will include managing staff, budgeting, marketing, maintaining fitness equipment and ensuring the centre complies with health and safety regulations.

Competition for this job is high so you need to have an impressive CV to get hired for this position. Use the guide below to help you write a perfect gym manager CV and increase your chances of securing more job interviews for this job.

Let’s begin!

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CV example

Frank Miller

22 The Grove
BT45 1AN
Mob: 079 8823 8422       Email: [email protected]

Personal profile

I am an ambitious, hardworking and versatile Gym Manager with a degree in Fitness Management from Keele University. I have worked in the fitness industry for more than two years, and I have a huge drive to succeed. I am currently looking for an opportunity to manage a gym to make it the best, fun and most friendly environment for all customers and visitors.

  • Employee of the Month (October 2015) at Stealth Training
  • Playing tennis at county level

2012 – 2015BA Fitness Management Keele UniversityGrade achieved: [1st Class Hons]

Relevant Modules:

  • Economics & Financial Operations in Sport Business
  • Exercise Prescription and Instruction
  • Public Health Policy, Branding and Promotion
  • Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

2010 – 2012
Results: Physical Education (A), Biology (B) and Economics (B)
A LevelsLondon Sixth Form College
2003 – 2010
Results: 11 GCSEs A*- C, including English (A), Mathematics (B), Biology (B) and Physical Education (A)
GCSEsSt John’s Secondary School

Work experience
May 2015 – PresentDeputy Gym Manager         Stealth Training

Main duties performed:

  • Welcoming customers into the fitness centre
  • Giving tours and taking payments upon signup
  • Dealing with enquiries by phone, email and face-to-face
  • Assisting with banking and payroll duties
  • Managing staff rotas, timesheets and annual leave
  • Overseeing member administration process including signup
  • Ensuring the daily smooth running of the fitness centre
  • Ensuring Health & Safety regulations are adhered to at all times
  • Producing membership and maintenance reports on a weekly basis
  • Holding regular one-to-one meetings with Fitness Instructors
  • Supporting the Gym Manager with day-to-day running of the gym

Jan 2012 – Sept 2012Assistant Receptionist           Richmond Fitness Centre

Main duties performed:

  • Being the first point of contact for fitness centre enquiries
  • Dealing with enquiries over the phone, by email and face-to-face
  • Promoting the fitness centre through organising promotional events
  • Keeping the fitness centre and equipment tidy and clean
  • Gathering and processing customer feedback on a monthly basis
  • Giving tours of the fitness centre to visitors

  • Emergency First Aid at Work, 2015
  • DBS checked
  • Valid NPLQ qualification

  • Excellent management and leadership skills with the ability to run a busy gym
  • Enjoys challenges, able to work well under any type of pressure to meet set deadlines
  • Advanced health and nutrition knowledge


As a keen sportsman of tennis, I also play other racket sports (badminton, squash) and attend the gym regularly to work on my fitness. I volunteered at the local Dance2Fitness event during the summer holidays to provide a healthy and social environment where local teenagers can spend their free time instead of being on the streets.


Mr Jason Morgan
Gym Manager, Stealth Training
Address: 16 Right Rd, Surrey, SE48 1YY
Tel: 0723 6783 6223
Email: [email protected]
Mrs Karen Roberts
Supervisor, Richmond Fitness Centre
Address: 9 Atlanta St, Filton, F10 7FN
Tel: 0770 9642 3451
Email: [email protected]




Download CV template

CV template

How to structure and format your CV

  • Adopt a traditional CV format: All CVs should follow a standard layout/structure that is familiar to employers and not catch them off guard. Start at the top of your CV with your personal details followed by your personal profile statement, achievements, employment (work experience), education, qualifications (training), skills, hobbies and references. You may swap the places of the employment and education sections if you feel that you don’t have a lot of work experience or your education section is more impressive.
  • Don’t use any graphics on your CV: A CV is a business document that should only contain text and not any graphics, photos, images or company logos. A CV containing graphics will lose its seriousness and distract from its important content.
  • Make your CV short and to the point: The maximum length of a CV is 2 A4 pages. You need to remove any irrelevant or outdated information from your CV, such as your date of birth, age, gender, marital status, irrelevant part-time jobs from a long time ago or school-level qualifications if you are a graduate. Only mention things on your CV that add value to your application.
  • Avoid big, chunky paragraphs: To improve the scannability and readability of your CV, you should use short sentences, bullet points and subheadings instead of big paragraphs that no one will read.

How to write a gym manager CV (step-by-step guide)

Personal details

Let’s start from the top of your CV.

The first details that go on your CV are your personal and contact details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn profile (optional)
    • Example:

      Personal profile

      Next, write a compelling personal profile for your CV.

      A personal profile is a short statement/paragraph that tells the employer about your characteristics, skills, abilities and experience.
      It is the first thing an employer will see and acts as an introduction to your CV. If the statement is well-written and powerful, employers will likely spend more time reading your CV.


      • Keep it short and to the point (no more than 5 sentences)
      • Be specific and avoid vague statements
      • Give examples, facts and figures to back up your claims

      Gym manager CV personal profile statement

      I am a motivated and inspirational fitness centre manager with more than three years of experience in the sports and leisure industry. I started my career as a fitness instructor, quickly being promoted to assistant manager after 12 months on the job. My excellent management skills have allowed me to recruit, manage and inspire a team of 12 fitness staff at a busy fitness centre in Dewsbury. I am business-minded and competent in budgeting, keeping financial records and making purchases. I am currently looking for a position where I utilise my skills to grow both personally and professionally.


      In this section, you list your key achievements or accomplishments.

      Examples of personal, academic and work-related achievements:

      • Awards, certificates and recognitions
      • Excellent academic achievement (good grades)
      • Relevant work experience
      • Promotions at work
      • Learned a new skill
      • Improved the efficiency of a process or task (and thus saved time and money)
      • Participated in charity events (e.g. running the marathon or raising money)
      • Elected for leadership positions (e.g. team leader, project manager, etc.)

      • More than three years of relevant work experience in the industry
      • Increased the sales of the sports centre by 27% following marketing activities
      • Elected as a project manager at the university

      Employment and work experience

      The employment and work experience section is arguably the most important part of your CV. It contains details of your current and previous jobs, including full-time, part-time and voluntary jobs.

      For each entry, you need to give the following details:

      1. Your job title
      2. The company’s or organisation’s name
      3. Start and end dates of the job
      4. Your key duties, responsibilities and/or achievements

      January 2020 – September 2022Gym manager         LAD Fitness

      Main duties and responsibilities performed:

      • Managed the smooth running and day-to-day activities of the gym
      • Recruited, trained, supervised and managed staff
      • Performed marketing and outreach activities to drive memberships and sales
      • Purchased fitness equipment from various suppliers
      • Enforced health and safety standards at the gym
      • Provided excellent customer service at all times and to all people
      • Performed general admin duties such as answering phone calls and emails

      Gym manager duties to add to your CV

      • Manage a fitness/leisure centre
      • Plan and organise community outreach events and marketing activities
      • Monitor staff performance and offer training/support when required
      • Maintain and update the membership system and develop membership referral schemes
      • Analyse and evaluate membership retention trends and take appropriate action
      • Purchase and maintain gym equipment
      • Inspect gym equipment for faults or defects
      • Accomplish agreed KPIs
      • Maintain the club’s official website and social media channels
      • Encourage safe behaviours on the gym floor
      • Ensure the gym is a safe and legal environment for members to use


      The education section of your CV contains details of your educational background, including school, college and university-level qualifications.

      2018-2021BA (Hons) Sports ManagementUniversity of East LondonDegree classification: 2:1.

      Relevant Modules:

      • Understanding Sports Business
      • Financial Management Information Systems
      • Managing Sports Organisations
      • Leadership and Performance Management in Sport
      • Introduction to Business and Management
      • Employability in Sport and Event Management
      • 2017 – 2018
        Results: Business (B), English (C) and Physical Education (B).
        A-LevelsCity of Bath College


      In this section, you can mention any additional qualifications that you hold such as any health & safety, IT or industry-specific training qualifications.

      • Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills – Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
      • Level 2 Team Leading – CMI – Chartered Management Institute
      • Level 1 Sport & Active Leisure Diploma – Bmet
      • NCFE Level 1 Certificate in IT User Skills (ITQ) – Birmingham College


      The skills section contains a list of your competencies.

      To find out which skills to include or are relevant to the job, look at the job’s specification under essential/desirable requirements and mention those on your CV if you possess these skills.

      • The ability to manage, inspire and lead a team
      • Excellent interpersonal skills – to deal with staff, members and visitors daily
      • Excellent budgeting and financial skills – to produce financial reports, manage purchases, improve the profitability of the business, etc.
      • Time management and organisational skills
      • Planning and organising marketing events or outreach activities
      • A solid understanding of health and safety standards and regulations
      • Working in a fast-paced working environment
      • Excellent knowledge of the sports and leisure industry
      • The ability to deal with stressful events (e.g. accidents, violent behaviour, etc.) in a professional manner
      • Possessing a full, clean driving license and means of transportation (car)
      • First aid qualification

      Hobbies and interests (optional)

      The hobbies and interests section of your CV, as its name suggests, contains a few of your hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job and add value to your application.

      For example, stating that you enjoy exercising or playing sports indicates to the employer that you are a fit, healthy and active individual who cares about their health and well-being.

      This makes you a more suitable candidate for this role than someone who shows little interest in these areas or simply wants a job for the sake of the salary.

      In my free time, I enjoy exercising at my local fitness centre, playing squash and participating in fundraising events for charity.


      The last section of your CV contains the details of your two references.

      Your references are people who know you well and who can vouch for your character, skills and abilities to the employer.

      One of your references needs to be your current or former employer. The other can be your former teacher, tutor, lecturer, coach, manager, etc.

      Look at the example below to find out what information you need to include for your references:

      Mr Robert Cruz
      Leisure Centre Manager, Fit & Fit Gyms
      Address: 88 Mill Lane, Harrow, HA3 83B
      Tel: 07663572730
      Email: [email protected]
      Mr Oscar Norwood
      Managing Director, LAD Fitness
      Address: 62 King’s Road, Dartford, D29 8CQ
      Tel: 0787435686209
      Email: [email protected]

      Tips to make your CV more effective

      • Highlight your organisational skills: To be successful in this role you must possess excellent organisational skills. Taking on this role is a huge responsibility and you must be able to ensure the smooth running of the gym, dealing with emergencies, managing fitness staff and ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times. None of this can be realised unless one is organised. Keeping to schedules, delegating work to staff, working in a methodical manner and planning ahead are some of the key attributes that you would want to mention on your CV, together with some real-world examples.
      • Send a cover letter with your CV: Surveys have shown that only 1 in 4 candidates send a cover letter with their job application. This provides you with a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd by including a well-written, tailored cover letter to the employer and encouraging them to invite you for a job interview. You can check out these cover letter examples for inspiration.

Written by Sobhan Mohmand
Sobhan is a qualified Careers Advisor and Professional CV Writer with over 10 years of experience in helping job seekers get a job. He is a Member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and is listed on the official UK Register of Career Development Professionals. He holds a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (QCF).
Gym manager


    £17.000 – £28.000
    Relevant Work Experience
    37+ hours per week


  • Listening Skills
    Ability to listen to customer’s concerns and complaints
  • Interpersonal Skills
    Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate and interact with others
  • Management
    Ability to lead and inspire staff to accomplish success for the company
  • Customer Service
    Making customer satisfaction the highest priority of the business
  • Ambition
    Having the ambition and determination to do the job to the best of your ability
  • Decision Making
    Making important day-to-day decisions in effectively running the gym

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